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Our Mission

We exist to provide competitive and Christ-centered education to students called to transform culture through music and the arts, enriching our community through masterful storytelling.


Jessup Arts Core Values

Jessup Arts has adopted a set of four core values which are inherent to our organization. They lie at the heart of the visual & performing arts identity, do not change over time, and already exist within our culture, leadership, and decision-making. 

1. Community: We will love one another as ourselves, create a culture of belonging, and encourage healthy and loving relationships from those we work with, and the students that we teach.  

2. Excellence: We will strive for excellence through discipline and the passionate pursuit of quality, delivering our very best in all we do.

 3. Competitive: We will strive to develop a healthy competitive atmosphere in which our students can thrive with one another. Our degree offerings and courses will be the most competitive education a student can receive in their field.

4. Innovative: We will innovate through continuous improvement, inspiring creativity, and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.